Last Resort Recovery

We are dedicated to helping adolescents and their families lead a productive, wholesome life by removing any forms of addiction that hinder them from achieving those, via a holistic, non-judgmental rehabilitative approach.

FEE: Private pay, sliding scale and some insurances.

Last Resort

New Hope

New Hope Recovery House is a full-service addiction recovery center serving patients in Modesto, California, and the surrounding area. New Hope is one of the few programs in California with IMS (Incidental Medical Services) certification. Certification means patients have a history and physical completed by our MD, the provision of medications to assist the recovery process, and access to Psychiatry through our community based team.

FEE: Private pay and Insurance.

New Hope

Addition Free Recovery Services

Intensive Outpatient Program, Family Sessions and After Care & Success Plan.

Our vision for individuals in the Modesto California area is to break free from addiction and live a productive and full life based on a balanced program of client care and education. Our goal is to improve the physical and emotional health of the chemically dependent person. The Modesto and California Central Valley people now have a safe place to talk, learn and get treatment for addiction.

FEE: Private Pay



Substance Use Disorder services including: intake (including assessment), treatment planning, individual and group counseling, collateral, case management, crisis intervention, patient education, discharge services, medical psychotherapy, and medication services. Aegis specializes in Medication Assisted Treatment.
Languages spoken/available through interpreter: Spanish Cultural Competency: Spanish groups
Populations served: Adults 18+ years, screening in for OTP

FEE: Medi-Cal, Private pay, sliding scale and some insurances.